Double Pregnant

Double Pregnant

Girl meets girl.  Girl marries girl.  They want to have babies… but they need a little help.

“This book is so full of life and love, of effort and desire and the determination of two extraordinary women devoted to each other and to having a family.”

-Chapelle Jaffe, Canadian actor

“What an accomplishment, to have written a page turner on a subject like this that is both moving and very funny.”

-Inge Fraters, Editor in Chief, KIJK Magazine and Know, Sonoma Publishing

“A passionate and engaging account of a lesbian couple’s struggle to have a family.  The book is not about sexuality or gender identity; it’s about love.”

-Beth Everest, writer, professor and editor
Double PregnantDouble Pregnant is author Natalie Meisner’s light hearted, poignant and informative true story of two lesbians who want to have a children.  For a variety of reasons, one being that Natalie’s wife is a woman of color who was adopted into a white family, the couple decides not to take the anonymous sperm clinic route.  Natalie and Viviën want their children to have some connection to their donor if possible.  Taking matters into their own hands leads the couple to a series of often hilarious “dates” with potential donors, all of whom have widely different opinions on how the donation process should go and also of what this new, twenty-first century version of a family will look like.

Double Pregnant is published by Fernwood Publishing

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