Burning In

Burning In

ABOUT THE PLAY:  In the middle of a war, a reporter (Dawn Petten)  is photographed comforting a young boy whose parents have just been  killed. The image becomes an iconic photograph representing the  aftermath of war, and launches the journalist’s career. A decade later,  just released from an overseas hostage situation, the now-famous war  correspondent must face the aftermath of her recent trauma, which is  compounded by a meddling sister (Astrid Varnes), a troubled teen living in her apartment (Marisa Smith), and a budding relationship with a man who appears on her fire escape (Aslam Husain).


burning in

Burning In is a selection from Gateway’s SceneFirst  program, a development wing of the company that sees plays through from  first idea to final production. “Our Studio shows are chosen  specifically to be challenging,” says Executive & Artistic Director  Simon Johnston. “They’re for those who want something to think about.  This play provides cutting edge commentary on the media’s force in  shaping everyday lives. It couldn’t be more timely.”

Burning In is directed by Natasha Nadir. Set and Sound Design by Andreas Kahre, Lighting Design by Lauchlin Johnston, Costume Design by Hannah Matiachuk, Projection Design by Tim Matheson and is Stage Managed by Samara Van Nostrand.

Gateway Theatre, Richmond   (www.gatewaytheatre.com)

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