Legislating Love

ABOUT THE PLAY: Everett Klippert was the last person to be tried, convicted, and jailed for homosexuality in Canada. Pierre Trudeau, acting as Justice Minister, referred to the case with ‘there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.‘ Maxine, a young historian today, becomes consumed with finding out who he really was. We move between the years to find out who he was. ‘Handsome,’ bridges the gap, having known Klippert in the 60’s and being interviewed by Maxine today. Alongside all of this, Maxine falls in love with a comedian (Tonya) of Métis heritage who challenges her assumptions around how these stories and relationships need to be explored.This is the story of the struggle to define Klippert, beyond what history wants and needs him to be.

Playing at Sage Theatre in Calgary.

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