Legislating Love at Dublin International Theatre Festival

Everett Klippert was the last person to be tried, convicted, and jailed for homosexuality in Canada before it was decriminalised.

Everett was a beloved downtown bus driver in Calgary who brightened the day of his passengers. He played on the family baseball team and was everyone’s ‘favourite uncle’.

Aspiring historian (Maxine) becomes fascinated by Everett’s case. Maxine is interviewing people who knew the late Mr. Klippert, including ‘Handsome’, a former lover of Klippert now in his later years who illuminates Calgary’s gay history for her…

Cast: Everett: Matt McKinney; Maxine: Kathy Zaborsky; Handsome: Jay Whitehead Director: Jason Mehmel Stage Manager: Deonie Hudson Playwright: Natalie Meisner

DURATION: 75 minutes